We provide SASSETA-accredited (#151999692393) and PSIRA-registered training in Dog Handling (DH1-DH5), and further modules and training.



André le Roux

André le Roux started his dog career in the military, in 1992. Following his time in the military, he worked as a Mine Detection Dog handler in various African countries and Bosnia Herzegovina. He was the co-founder of the Mine Dog Centre South Africa, which later became the Mine Dog School, in conjunction with MineTech International. He remains the owner of the property which serves as the Genesis K9 Group campus. His joint managing director duties include overseeing the training of dogs, new handlers and personally deploying and accrediting dogs and handlers in over 14 countries on 5 continents. André also served as part of the advisory group for the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD). During this time, André was part of team which compiled a puppy socialising program for demining dogs. (Read More ). To further his experience in working with detection dogs, he worked in Afghanistan as a Mission Dog Handler, attached to the Canadian military, to clear roads and patrol routes for Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). André is a registered SASSETA facilitator, assessor and moderator, and his resumé is available upon request.

Thys Kleyn

Thys Kleyn served in the SAPS for 9 years as a K9 instructor, and heads up patrol and aggression training. He holds an LL.B. degree from the University of Pretoria, and is currently on the roll of non-practicing lawyers of South Africa. Additionally, he has 12 years’ experience in countries like Tanzania, Iraq and Afghanistan as handler, trainer and project manager. In Iraq, he was part of the personal protection teams for Prime Minister Maliki and President Alawi. He was also responsible for establishing a canine unit at the Sulmania International Airport in Kurdistan. In Afghanistan, he assisted the Coalition Forces as Combat Dog Handler for four years, during which time he was deployed with the ground troops, handling a detection dog, searching for roadside bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices. Thys was also a trainer, project manager and quality control manager for canine programs in Afghanistan for another three years. During this time, he trained the VIP dog unit for President Karzai and the Border Police. He also formed part of the US department of State’s Anti-terrorist Assistance Canine program in Afghanistan. He also used his expertise for training dogs and dog handlers in Afghanistan and Thailand. Thys is a registered SASSETA facilitator, assessor and moderator. His resumé is available on request.


Our training facility is situated just outside Pretoria, in the Seringveld Conservation Area. This environment suits us well in preparing the dogs to be deployed in any area in Africa. The kennel facility is close to the world-renowned Onderstepoort Veterinary facility, and is also within 1 hour’s drive from OR Tambo International Airport. Once the dogs complete their training and become certified, they are housed at the sites to which they are deployed.

Training takes place on-site and in the surrounding areas. This ensures the dog and dog handler’s knowledge of their areas of responsibilities, enabling them to detect anything out of the ordinary. On-site training also creates word of mouth about the dogs and their crime-deterring abilities, through dayworkers, contractors and visitors who witness the training.
Validations by a third party take place on-site at least once a year, to ensure that standards of the K9 unit are consistently maintained. Through our partnerships with numerous security companies in Gauteng, many of our teams are deployed at residential and commercial properties, which we also use as socialisation sites for our young dogs.

All teams comply with the minimum standards as set by PSIRA and SASSETA. In addition, all teams will also comply with the US Army Regulation 190-12, NAPWDA and the UN suggested Frontex training methodology and international standards, ensuring teams of the highest calibre and professionalism. De-mining/UXO dog teams comply with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).

Our services

Genesis K9 Group is an accredited SASSETA Training Facility (#151999692393), and proudly offers the following training courses:



243188 Care of a Service Dog (DH1)
243190 Handle a Trained Service Dog to Deter Crime (DH2)
243196 Supervise Kennel Practices (DH3)
120463 Handle a Patrol Dog to assist in Searching for and Apprehension of a Suspect (DH4)
120461 Handle a Trained Sniffer Dog to assist in the Detection of Substances (DH5)
120456 Utilise a Tracker Dog to follow a Human Scent Trail (DH5b)
120458 Condition a Service Dog in Obedience
243192 Maintain Training Standards of a Trained Service Dog
120471 Evaluate the use of Equipment and Accessories for the Socialising and Conditioning of Service Dogs


SAQA 58577 National Certificate: General Security Practices

SAQA 57713 FETC: Specialist Security Practices


PSIRA-registered Security Provider (2471961)

We are also a PSIRA-registered Security Provider (2471961), providing the following services:
Leasing of dogs
Leasing of dog teams
Selling of green and trained patrol dogs
Provision of static guards
Provision of armed guards


GK9 Group operates across South Africa
GK9 Group operates across Angola
GK9 Group operates across Ethiopia
GK9 Group operates across Eritrea
GK9 Group operates across Mozambique

We take pride in the products and services we offer and are dedicated to the provision of services of the highest quality and differentiate ourselves through our commitment to excellence. The well-being of our employees, canines and clients are our top priority