GK9 GROUP training

We provide SASSETA-accredited (#151999692393) and PSIRA-registered training in Dog Handling (DH1-DH5), and further modules and training.


Care for a Service Dog. Basic equipment overview, kennel cleaning and maintenance, basic obedience, basic health checks, prevention and control of internal and external parasites, transport and safety of service dogs, overview and application of working dog breeds.

Handle a trained service dog to deter crime. Assess areas of duty to inform decision making, and plan duties accordingly. Basic bite training. Assessment of areas to be patrolled, assessment of environmental factors, basic attack and defence, legal protocols, development of patrol plans, patrolling technique.

Supervise kennel practices. Planning the infrastructure of kennel practices, record keeping, management of physical resources, stock rotation, pest control, personnel supervision and administration, canine conditioning.

Substance detection, tracking.

Specialised training of dogs in:
Explosives (EDD)
Mine Detection (MDD)
Narcotics (NDD)
Patrol & Explosives (PEDD)
Patrol/Attack (PD)
Mission Dogs
Contraband, e.g. Rhino Horn, Ivory
Tracking dogs

DH 5 Tracking Unit Standard 120456

Patrol dogs for the protection of infrastructure and assets
Human tracking and finding of evidence
Detection of various materials such as copper
Landmine and UXO detection dogs trained according to UN Standards
Substance detection (narcotics, explosives)
Tailor-made training, imprinting and scent combinations according to client specifications
Single and/or dual purpose dogs, dependent on the requirements of the client, environment and time available.

SAQA 58577 National Certificate: General Security Practices
SAQA 57713 FETC: Specialist Security Practices

Leasing of dogs

Leasing of dog teams

Sale of green and trained dogs

Provision of static guards

Additional Modules‚Äč

Further modules available after DH5


Evaluate the use of equipment and accessories for the socialising and conditioning of a service dog


Condition a service dog in obedience


Maintain training standards of a trained service dog